Square One Again

It’s time to start over. I can’t continue building anything on top of this poor foundation. 

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I once called darkness the shroud I willfully pulled around myself to block out the disturbances that would seek to distract me from my goals. That only by invoking such brutal night, could I focus on my singular fiery passion and turn into a consuming flame.

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Kali is a dark force of nature. Naked, primal, and victorious in battle. She is the destroyer and the nurturer. She is the black-skinned goddess of time, change, and conflict. Why did I float to her? I tend to be intuitive with my directions. I feel a pull that hints at a reason and then […]

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Black Meditation

I perform this mediation in the dark early morning. I sit up and hold my back straight. My hands are on my knees. I begin to breath slow, holding my breath for a few controlled counts, and then releasing it for the same measure. Only when I have it controlled do I know I’m awake […]

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Envy Before Pride

I reacted to someone’s question regarding the seven deadly sins by saying that Envy is my favorite. But perhaps it shouldn’t be. I’ve come to the realization that Envy means a lack of Pride. I envy what others have achieved and do not see that level of achievement within my own acts. So I want […]

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It’s been a while since I posted here. I went back to the community, or the city as some like to call it. I did good work for myself regardless of whether or not one would label it dark. Some nuts and bolts are the same no matter what road you take. I’m happy with […]

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A Reminder

I’ve been wearing my class ring lately as a reminder. The year on it is the first year I stepped out on my own. That was the first year where my choices began to shape my destiny. How long has it been now and I still don’t have what I want? How many years have […]

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The Religion of a Writer

A religion is defined by a set of aspects… behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organization that relate humanity to an order of existence. Here I will define the religion of a fiction writer. Behaviors and Practices: Daily writing of a set word count Daily journaling with descriptive words […]

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The Audience & Worth

The audience begins with me. My first goal when writing is to please myself. I write what I want to read. I find enjoyment in solidifying the story on the page. Only then do the images line up clearly and tell the story I had within me. The circle then stretches to include those closest […]

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