The Audience & Worth

The audience begins with me. My first goal when writing is to please myself. I write what I want to read. I find enjoyment in solidifying the story on the page. Only then do the images line up clearly and tell the story I had within me. The circle then stretches to include those closest […]

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I’m a fixer. It’s a role I should have noticed before. It’s why I have this affinity for problem solving. I enjoy solutions, especially creative ones.

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Chapter 1: The Sea

The first thing I remembered was the waves. They were chilling cold as they started to wrap around my feet and my legs. Then the ice water rushed up around me in a race to conquer the shore.

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How did this situation become poison? Was is it always a poison – like a rattlesnake waiting to strike at anyone? Or did I make it into my own kryptonite?

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There are many reasons why I choose to be alone and I am shifting through them. I will investigate them in time. Because what matters now is continuing to work on myself and my journey.

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What is this?

This is the journey of a night performer as she walks past the edge of the unknown. You will find allegorical fiction, personal journal entries, and the occasional rant.

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