The Religion of a Writer

A religion is defined by a set of aspects… behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organization that relate humanity to an order of existence.

Here I will define the religion of a fiction writer.

Behaviors and Practices:
Daily writing of a set word count
Daily journaling with descriptive words to pen the highlights of the day, how I felt, and to aid in my reflective review.
Reverent Study of Grammar and Style.
Belief and attention towards my own unique voice.

World Views:
We are all united by the written word – the greatest invention ever. Through this medium we can share our images and messages regardless of time and space.

It creates one nation separated only by languages and styles, but that’s what makes for a diverse and interesting world.

Sacred Texts:
All stories that are properly written are an attempt to convey a message. They are all sacred.

Holy Places:
Where I go to write.
Where I go for inspiration.
One holy place I carry with me… my mind.

One should never steal by way of copying.
One should write the story they have inside them, not the story others might want.

Societal Organization:
This is a religion of one, but with many followers. We relate to humanity by capturing it in the written word and then feeding it back to the world so that they might see something, feel something, and otherwise embrace a new idea.

It can never be forced; only encouraged.




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