Recently, I was accused of courting approval out of some psychological dysfunction in relation to not having approval when I was a child. It was linked on a recent post I made in regards to my father and this someone pounced on it saying the only reason I am seeking this (impossible) path that I’m […]

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Kali is a dark force of nature. Naked, primal, and victorious in battle. She is the destroyer and the nurturer. She is the black-skinned goddess of time, change, and conflict. Why did I float to her? I tend to be intuitive with my directions. I feel a pull that hints at a reason and then […]

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How did this situation become poison? Was is it always a poison – like a rattlesnake waiting to strike at anyone? Or did I make it into my own kryptonite?

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There are many reasons why I choose to be alone and I am shifting through them. I will investigate them in time. Because what matters now is continuing to work on myself and my journey.

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