About Me

I am one who embraces the dark… but I didn’t always.

For a long time I fought it, hid it, squashed it down under the carpet as I tried to be a “good person”. My soul suffered at my hands. Denied, silenced, twisted, and perverted.

I was born in the predawn night. The last coldest hours of a frozen darkness.

I am rejoining myself, embracing individuality, and letting loose my passion.

“Night Performer” was chosen because I used to write and play at night.

When the dark curtain fell on the day, it released me to the cool evening that I loved. I would entertain the nocturnal creatures with sweet sad stories and melodies while I longed to join them in their shadows.

I was a child then, and I seek to be one once more. To be open to the darkness, curious of the shadows, and happy to dance in the night.